January 8, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- This week is a strange one for us David Bowie fans. Jan. 8 marks his birthday, (hey, same as Elvis), but sadly Jan. 10 makes it two years since we lost him. Bowie’s early appeal here in Detroit tapped into our desire to see a SHOW at rock concerts. We had been broken in by the MC5, IGGY, AMBOY DUKES, and of course ALICE COOPER. It was a perfect fit. Something new, that had a new vibe and importantly a new LOOK. Who knew? The slash back blazers, lazies etc were a post Woodstock, back to London, fun vibe. That early connection stuck as Bowie dumped his whole Ziggy theatrical persona for his R&B guy and played that week of shows at the Michigan Palace. What an interesting and fun ride. It doesn’t seem like two years already.