Plastic Fantastic Vinyl

January 4, 2018
By Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- The huge surge in albums on vinyl continued in 2017. Billboard magazine reports vinyl album sales hit 14.32 million in sales up 9 percent from the previous year. That year, 2016 was a record then. It would be like GM, Ford etc topping the 2016 record in 2017 which they did not. Of course times have changed since the glory days of vinyl, new artists have emerged since big switch to CD and digital so....WHO TOPS the list of the most sales of vinyl in 2017 ?? THE BEATLES of course!! The Fab Four remained Gear baby, taking the Top 2 spots! No. 1 was the groundbreaking and sound breaking "Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band," which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary last June, followed by their last George Martin masterpiece "Abbey Road." The fact that both Paul and Ringo are still out touring doesn’t hurt either. The actual score was Sgt Pepper’s 72,000 to Abbey’s 66,000. “Dark Side of the Moon”  by that Floyd guy placed 7th. Michael Jackson and Prince scored big too. Vinyl sales comprise 8.5 percent of total album sales but that’s up from 6.5 percent in 2016.  That’s up by a third. Music connoisseurs have long lamented the loss of warmth and sterile tonal quality of CD’s so this does not surprise me. I just wish I would have bit on that GEORGE HARRISON turntable that went on sale last Feb for his B-day. How about you?  Do YOU have any plans to add a turntable to your current “kit?”