Woman Pays For Wrong Lottery Ticket And Wins $5 Million

January 3, 2018
By Nathan Vicar (WOMC) -- A New Jersey mom won $5 million because a cashier misunderstood her request for a scratch-off ticket. Oksana Zaharov, 46, asked a clerk at a Manhattan convenience store for a $1 scratch-off ticket, but instead was given a $10 Set for Life ticket, the New York Lottery announced last week. Zaharov agreed to pay for the ticket. She then scratched the big winner. Zaharov claims she actually used the ticket as a bookmark for a couple of weeks before she decided to scratch it. She told the New York Lottery that she would like to celebrate her win with a family vacation to the Bahamas, but she’s excited that her children will benefit the most from her good fortune. “They will have a loan-free college education.”