What The CELL??

January 2, 2018
By Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- You and I have all seen notifications and signs as we walk into concerts that say “No Cameras” from time to time. One of the first I personally remember was at one the early David Bowie shows at either the Fisher Theater or Masonic in the early 70s. Let’s face it, back then it was a royal pain to carry one around and deal with flashbulbs, loading film etc. It took away from the experience. Which means it was cutting into my party time. With today’s cell phones all having cameras now, and many with Hi-Def, I wondered how the musicians felt. For a while, cell phone pics were OK because the quality wasn’t nearly as good as a real camera. Things have changed with these new ones. GNR’s, SLASH told Nikki SIXX on his radio talk show that, “ I’ve gotten past the point of caring. People are just going to do what they do, and the fact they can’t concentrate on the music because they have to memorialize this-after a while, you don’t want to make a huge effort to try and fight it, because it’s just going against what is the trend at this point.” I can almost hear him saying it in that laid back SLASH delivery. Capturing a little is good, but I think being in the NOW has always been a huge part of going to rock out at a concert. “I’m going to J. Geils tonight...Ain’t Never Comin Back!”  You know, the usual. How about YOU?  Is more fun or too much?