Dave Fuller

Banned From The Buffet

I would have thought this was impossible, but two English blokes (don’t you just love my British slang, lovey?) have been banned from an all you can eat buffet restaurant for…wait for it…eating to much! Say what? […]

104.3 WOMC–10/02/2012

My Bad Habit Might Be A Mental Disorder

Lucky me. I’ve been a nail biter for years. Well, according to this story, it might be more than just a bad habit. It could actually be a straight up, flow blown mental disorder. Just […]

104.3 WOMC–10/01/2012

Classic Board Games Still A Blast

Yeah, Xbox and PS3 are cool. Amazing sight and sound. But let’s think blast from the past. There’s just something special and fun about a board game. I have good memories of family game night, where I’d whoop […]

104.3 WOMC–09/27/2012

Meet The ‘Bucket List’ Bandit

You’ve heard of the famous ‘Bucket List’ right? Those things we want to do before we ‘kick the bucket’? Some people go mountain climbing when they find out the end is near. Others go sky diving. […]

104.3 WOMC–09/06/2012

Eva Longoria’s New Steakhouse For Women

Forget eating dainty finger food ladies, it’s time to chow down on a cow! Former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is opening a Las Vegas steakhouse targeting women, to be called She. It’ll have a catwalk, fog, rain curtains, […]

104.3 WOMC–08/31/2012

Tip Jars Now Take Plastic

We’ve all seen the tip jar at the coffee shop, gas station, ice cream place, pretty much anywhere you stand in line to buy something to eat or drink, they usually have the good ‘ol […]

104.3 WOMC–08/29/2012

Brown Bag It At Lunch Time For Only $290

I’m a brown bagger. But, my everyday lunch sacks are nothing like this one! Isn’t it amazing? Wow! Almost to pretty to put food in, isn’t it? Well, Guess what? It can be yours for just $290.00! That’s […]

104.3 WOMC–08/28/2012

Marriage Drives Women To Drink

You’ve heard that old joke about marriage driving ya to drink I’m sure. Not so much a joke; it turns out ladies pop the cork a lot more after saying “I Do!” Us men, not […]

104.3 WOMC–08/21/2012

Strange Place For A Nap

No, this guy didn’t fall asleep on a subway, but a place almost as strange! A guy flying out of Romes Fiumicino airport must have had a good old-time before getting on his flight to Norway. […]

104.3 WOMC–08/10/2012

Mosquitos Buggin’ You? There’s An APP For That

Nothing ruins outdoor fun like a swarm of stupid mosquitos buzzing in your ear. Good news if you have a smart phone! Turns out there are a bunch of smart phone APPs for warding off […]

104.3 WOMC–08/09/2012



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