Compared To These Guys, WE’RE Einsteins

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) — How do you top playing most of your career next to the legendary, Boss, Bruce Springsteen?  Easy.

You in bring someone Bruce heard over and over and was key in to drawing Bruce and frankly, the rest of us towards this thing called Rock & Roll.

PAUL McCARTNEY joined Little Steven Van Zant onstage in London last Saturday Nov. 4. They knocked out, “I  Saw Her Standing There.”

Steven said they were taking care of some “unfinished business,” which probably referred to a show in 2012 where Paul’s appearance was CUT SHORT by the promoters of the Hard Rock Calling festival while McCartney was jamming with Bruce Springsteen.

So these, “gentlemen” pulled the plug on both Bruce AND Paul?  While they were jamming onstage together???  And you and I thought WE have made some bad choices in life!

Wow. It’s fools like that, that make fools like US look good!

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