Church Now Encourages Drinking Alcohol During Service

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

Churches have changed drastically over the years. It’s not unusual to see men wearing shorts and caps during the service, just visit Northridge Church and see what I’m talking about. It is also common to see coffee and other beverages sold and held by congregation members at churches while the message is preached.

Now there is a church promoting alcohol at church, “This is where those labeled ‘drunkards’ by other churches are welcome. This is a space for people to come together in God’s name without being ashamed of being drinkers. We are only saying this is an environment where one can drink without being judged at all.”

Who wants to be judged at church? They even use the persons favorite alcohol in the baptism water, “If you drink beer, you get baptized in beer. The same goes for those who drink cider and other alcoholic beverages. This church also prays for their drinks before they are served. With God in our taverns, we would see crime being reduced and love and respect promoted.” More here.

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