Bette Midler is Voting Bon Jovi into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Author: Bobby Mitchell

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballots were mailed out to 800 potential voters last week and apparently Bette Midler is one of those potential voters.

She invited Jon Bon Jovi to perform at her her annual Hulaween Gala in New York and told the crowd, “I have my ballot. I can’t wait to vote for him. I am really excited.” She also says she’d love to record an album of “nothing but Bon Jovi ballads… I think they are really, really beautiful.”

Bette is busy until January starring in her Tony Award Winning performance of “Hello, Dolly!”

Bon Jovi currently leads the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan vote with 81,073 votes over second-place Moody Blues.


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