Michigan Woman Gives Speech Hoping To Win The Lottery Wins The Same Day

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

Some of the people who are lottery winners in Michigan have interesting stories. We had several double lottery winners. Now a story about a lady who gave a speech about winning the lottery did win the same day, “The day I bought my ticket, I had just given a speech about student loan debt. I told the audience how wonderful it would be to win the lottery to wipe all of my debt out at once, and now here I am. It’s incredible.”

Amanda Dietz bought her ticket at a Speedway in Schoolcraft, “I asked the clerk what ticket had been lucky and he suggested a different game, but I love bingo tickets, so I decided to buy the new Multi-Prize Bingo game.” $300,000 later Dietz will now be able to pay off her school debt. UPI

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