McCartney: Cyrus Made Him Blush

Author: Jim Johnson

Was Paul McCartney really embarrassed by the provocative outfit worn by Miley Cyrus at a Roll and Roll Hall of Fame induction?

The Hannah Montana star recalls the time she “made Paul McCartney feel uncomfortable.” She tells CBS news it was the night in 2015 when she “was inducting Joan Jett into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I, like, went and introduced myself with nipple pasties on. And he turned bright red. Like he looked so red, and that I really liked.”

Miley seemed proud that she “freaked out Paul McCartney…. ‘Cause I would be so freaked out to meet Paul McCartney, that then he was freaked out to meet me! So the roles just reversed.”

Miley, who recently released the album Younger Now, says she’s calmed down of late and practices yoga.

So far, Sir Paul has yet to comment publicly on his meeting with Miley.

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