Scary Movies Help You Lose Weight!

Author: Stacey DuFord

A new study says horror movies help you lose weight. And the scarier the movie, the better the results!

Participants were attached to heart rate, oxygen, and carbon dioxide monitors and then asked to watch six different scary movies. One participant got so terrified while watching The Shining that she burned 184 calories – about the same amount of calories you’d burn while walking for 40 minutes.

Another study found that watching a horror film significantly increased people’s circulating levels of disease- and infection-fighting white blood cells.

After a scary experience people feel less anxious, less frustrated, and happier. “The different neurotransmitters and hormones released during the experience could explain that,” a researcher explained. So, by voluntarily choosing to endure a scary or stressful activity—whether it’s watching a freaky movie or bungee jumping—you’re likely to experience a feel-good sense of accomplishment afterward. Unfortunately, the good effects only happen if you choose to be scared or stressed.

So enjoy a scary movie binge this weekend and then you can binge on some candy on Halloween!



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