Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: Surge Pricing For Movies

By Nathan Vicar

(WOMC) — Would you go see “The Snowman” or “Geostorm” — two box office flops that were saved by critics — if you didn’t have to pay full price to watch them in an empty theater?

Regal Cinemas, one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States, is hoping you might.

According to CNN, the company will experiment with charging more for tickets during peak movie times and less at times when attendance tends to be lighter.

Think of it as Uber-style surge pricing, but for movies.

CNN reports Regal will partner with online ticket service and app Atom Tickets, and try it in several markets next year.

Regal CEO Amy Miles did not tell CNN how many theaters would try it, what the prices would be or whether Regal might use such a model to charge different prices for hits and duds.


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