Walled Lake 7th Grader Makes the #1 Sugar-Free Candy on Amazon

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Alina Morse, the 12-year old inventor of Zollipops whom we met this past summer, just saw her candy company surge to #1 on Amazon as the top seller of sugar-free hard candy.

“It’s really awesome to give moms and families a healthy candy alternative before we all head out to Trick or Treat,” said Alina, who is on a mission to reduce tooth decay, the single most chronic condition facing kids in America today according to the US Surgeon General.

For Halloween, she partnered with Kroger®, and iss part of their Halloween candy popup display for the month of October. Kroger is selling her 25 count special limited edition Halloween-branded Zollipops.

Zollipops are a natural, gluten and GMO-free lollipop, containing xylitol, stevia and erythritol (healthy sugar alternatives). By helping raise the pH (a scale used to measure acidic or base qualities) in the mouth, Zollipops neutralize acid and help reduce the risk of tooth decay, dental caries and future development of cavities.

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