Best Bill Murray Encounters in Real Life

Author: Stacey DuFord

A real-life encounter with Bill Murray is a story that will get you free drinks forever. There’s even a website –  – where people can submit their stories of run-ins. He’s reportedly done everything from crashing engagement photo shoots, bachelor parties, and press conferences at the White House to doing karaoke with strangers and reading poetry to construction workers. He appears to be up for any kind of fun. I doubt I will ever be in close enough proximity to have an encounter with him, but it is a #goal.

[UPDATE] –  Bill Murray threw down cash for all of the remaining tickets to a see Chris Stapleton’s former band The Steeldrivers at the Charleston Music Hall​ last week then handed them out to fans who were waiting in line.

He was recently at a Cubs game and the young couple he was sitting next to asked him to record a video telling their parents they were expecting.

Here are a few of my favorite Bill Murray IRL stories:

The time he read poetry to construction workers

. .

When he crashed a bachelor party in South Carolina

. .

The time he invited a stranger to join him at the World Series

. .


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