Bob Seger: Details on “When”

Author: Jim Johnson

Bob Seger has shared some details about his album I Knew You When, which is due out November 17th.

The standard version comes with 10 tracks on vinyl and CD and the deluxe edition has 13 tracks on Cd and digitally. The album is dedicated to his friend Glenn Frey, but the song he wrote for the late Eagle, “Glenn Song,” is only on the deluxe edition. Seger also pays tribute to Leonard Cohen by covering “Democracy.”

Fans that pre-order the album at will get an instant download of the first single, “Busload of Faith.”

Album Cover Art

I Knew You When track listing:

  1. “I Knew You When”
  2. “Gracile”
  3. “Busload of Faith”
  4. “The Highway”
  5. “I Knew You When”
  6. “I’ll Remember You”
  7. “The Sea Inside”
  8. “Marie”
  9. “Runaway Train”
  10. “Something More”
  11. “Democracy”
  12. “Forward Into The Past” (Deluxe Album only)
  13. “Blue Ridge” (Deluxe Album only)
  14. “Glenn Song” (Deluxe Album only)

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