MC5 Should Be Inducted Into Rock Hall

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) — My ears are still ringer after MC5 post regarding the Rock Hall so here are few more reasons the MC5 should go in.

The influence on bands that came after the early 1970’s, when the MC5 broke up, was huge.

The two guitar approach was in full rock mode with these guys.

The Rolling Stones pioneered it, especially when they added Mick Taylor on guitar replacing Brian Jones.

Aerosmith took that approach to a new hard rock level and I remember after seeing Aerosmith for the first time, opening for Roy Buchanan at the Michigan Palace, that they reminded me of the MC5.

This was after that crashing end of “Train Kept A Rollin.” High energy rock & roll.

In 1982, I was in a record store in London and saw a prominent display for the MC5 albums.

It’s like they were held in higher esteem there than here in Detroit.

Many of the punk/wave bands of the late 70’s thought the MC5 were cool. They were cool. Beyond cool.

They had long hair yet still retained that “pointed shoes swagger.”

Put on one of their three albums and tell me they should not be in the Rock Hall.

Let’s give these guys a vote and hope the committee at the Rock Hall does the rest.

Cat Stevens it ain’t.

You can be part of the solution.

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