Detroit Well Represented On This Year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominee List

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) — It time to once again vote for and complain about this years nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Unlike the early years, there is now a fan vote as part of the process. I’ve always felt it should be a combination of both.

Detroit rock and DETROIT rock taste is well represented by two bands on the ballot, The MC5 and The J. Geils Band.

Today I talk about the five.

The release of the MC5’s “Kick Out the Jams” album was huge here in the Detroit area.

It was still the days when AM and KEENER radio dominated.

It’s release in early 1969 had everybody, including local talk show host Lou Gordon, talking. Hudson’s wasn’t going to carry the album unless it was censored as well.

There was an F-Bomb in the linear notes as well as on the album.

Moving past that, the band was outstanding.

The really electrified electric guitar was still new and the MC5 combined that with just great high energy rock and roll.

They took the best of the The Who, The Stones, and the Yardbirds and added a bit more Motor City Mayhem.

They were also targeted politically for being so anti-Nam and left wing well before most.

The three albums represent three separate and different approaches to that mayhem.

Jon Landau who went on to “Bruce” fame, produced the 2nd. All great.

The feather in my cap was getting to jam with vocalist Rob Tyner in early 1991 for in benefit I was doing for Operation Desert Storm at the Ritz.

We did “Back in the USA” and “The Motor City’s Burning.”  What a gas!

The MC5 never sold a ton of albums or tickets, but their IMPACT on other bands is undeniable.

Cast your vote, it’s Free. Cast your vote at I’ll have more on this down the road.

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