Isn’t It Time For This Legendary Detroit Band To Be Inducted In The Hall Of Fame?

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

With the nominations for the 2018 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame released, isn’t it time for Detroit’s MC5 to be inducted? It is their third nomination. Metro Times posted comments from MC5 member Wayne Kramer, “Y’know, I actually hadn’t thought about it since this time 365 days ago. It’s just so awkward because it seems as if the people that kicked the MC5 out of the music business are some of the same people that run the Rock Hall. Maybe there’s been a turnover and there’s a new generation that sees the significance of what me and my friends did a long time ago, I don’t know.”

I actually think the curiosity of MC5 being inducted is the most interesting of the 2018 nominees. Kramer did say it would “bittersweet” is they do make it because only two are still alive. We will find out April 14th.

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