Tom Petty Will Be Missed

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) — Losing the great Tom Petty is just a pure case of the way too good, going way too soon.

Tom would have been 67 in a fews weeks.

The last tour was great and we got a taste last July at DTE. Peter Wolf opened that show here in Detroit.

Hey, we got the bonus plan!  No wonder it was sold out well in advance even in these days.

I hired on at WABX in Aug of ’77 and one of the very first free albums I got, was Tom Petty and Heartbreakers.

A co-worker, Carl Galeana, had mentioned how good they were the week before so I was psyched to give it a listen and also bathe in my new found “service” from the label.

It was a tiny band by ’77 standards, but they had a great feel.

The term “Garage Rock” was not invented for another two decades so we called them “New Wave…ish, but rock & roll.  And he sometimes sounds like the Byrds’ Roger Mc Guinn.”

See, no neat and tidy label.

Tom and the Heartbreakers were masters of neat and tidy approach while still getting directly to the point or emotion of the song, and taking you along for the ride.

Petty, Seger, and Bruce all do it in their own way and Mellencamp a little too.

Petty’s Traveling Wilbury’s stuff remains immortal.

It was way too soon.

Tom wasn’t done.

He will be sore missed.

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