Michigan High School Cheerleaders Take A Knee During National Anthem

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

The taking a knee protest keeps expanding, now to a high school in Holland, Michigan. The cheerleaders at Holland High School dropped to a knee before their game with Zeeland West High School. The Holland Sentinel posted a response from one of the cheerleaders, “Yes I took a knee, and to any one (sic) who says that we did it as a trend is wrong.”

It appears the protest was for several reasons, including Presidents Trumps response to the NFL and also, “My country is not a trend, my ethnicity is NOT a trend and my family who lives in Mexico because they can’t become citizens is most defiantly (sic) NOT a trend and no it is not a diss on anyone who serves for our country or those who protect our cities, but I have a right to protest what I believe in because it’s people who fight for us Americans who gave me that right!” More here.

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