George Foreman Challenges Steven Seagal To A Fight

By Nathan Vicar

(WOMC) — If you thought Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor meeting in the boxing ring was a strange match-up, get ready for something a whole lot weirder.

Retired boxer George Foreman has challenged actor and martial arts star Steven Seagal to a 10-round fight in Las Vegas.

The 68-year-old Foreman threw it out there on Twitter, proposing he boxes and the 65-year-old Seagal uses whatever hand-to-hand skills he wants.

Foreman became boxing’s oldest ever heavyweight champion at the age of 45 but has not fought since losing to Shannon Briggs in 1997.

Seagal, who became a Russian citizen in 2016, is best known for his roles in “Above The Law,” “Under Siege” and “The Patriot.”

A trained marital artist, Seagal trained in Japan and became the first foreigner to run a Aikido dojo in the country.

Seagal has yet to respond to the fight.


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