Bob Seger’s Band Didn’t Want THIS Song On The Album

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Bob Seger’s band didn’t want his giant hit Old Time Rock N’ Roll on a Bob Seger album!

“That was actually one  that the band really didn’t like me putting on the album,” Bob Seger says. “That was the last song that we put on Stranger In Town. We were literally done with the record and they sent me this demo with another guy singing it. And I re-sang it – I re-wrote the lyrics, too; although I never asked for credit because we were right at the end of the album, I just wanted to finish it – let ’em keep the writing credit, I’ll re-write the lyrics… I wish I had – because it sure did good! And it certainly made a lot of money. And we could’ve controlled it and kept it out of some of those silly commercials they put it in to. We had no control over that. If I’d have taken my writing credit we could’ve had some control over that. But the song itself the band didn’t think it sounded like Silver Bullet. They felt it was Muscle Shoals doing rock n roll and they felt that they played it grittier. But I remember we went to Europe on the Night Moves tour, before Stranger In Town was released, but it was done. We went to Europe and we played it there. In Belgium, in France, in Germany – and the crowds went crazy and they’d never even heard it yet. The album wasn’t released yet. So we knew we had something.”


Featured in the film Risky Business – it’s the 2nd most played song on jukeboxes around the world, and listed as one of the Songs of the Century in 2001. Old Time Rock N’ Roll is one of Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits and you’ll find it on the newly issued double disc on 150 and 180 gram vinyl. Available on

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