What It’s Like Backstage with Paul McCartney at Little Caesars Arena

Author: Bobby Mitchell

The new Little Caesars Arena is an amazing facility, with attention to detail obvious in every single area. From the restaurants

to the artwork

to the well-thought out concourses (with amazing views)


to the history

(original letters from Olympia stadium)

… some of which is interactive

(original bench from Joe Louis)

Some of the most amazing rooms were never meant for us regular folk to use. Tom Wilson talked to every artist who came to Detroit the last few years and asked what they wanted in a venue. They ended up building permanent artist dressing rooms, big enough for bands, families, and entourages. So when Paul McCartney performs there on October 1-2, he’ll be hanging in this gorgeous room before the show. (The room isn’t quite finished in this video, but you get the idea.)

. .

Tom Wilson and his team even thought beyond dressing rooms. Say Janet Jackson, or any artist, does their sound check but doesn’t want to go back to their hotel or tour bus before the show – they can hang out in the specially-designed Families Room. This area overlooks the practice ice arena, has a fireplace, privacy curtains, a kitchen, and an area for their children – that is separated by a wall of glass!

. .

It is truly a home-away-from-home for the artists who come to Detroit.



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