It’s Seger Time!

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) How many times have we geared up and gotten psyched up for a Bob Seger show in this town?  Not often enough if you ask me.

Do you think you can do it again?  We know he can.

I’m really looking forward to the return of favorite son Bob Seger at DTE Energy Music Theatre.

I know almost all of you have had many great Seger moments in the past.

What’s so cool about Bob, is that many of the lyrics he wrote decades ago still ring true. ‘Like A Rock,’ ‘UMC,’ and ‘Rock and Roll Never Forgets,’ come to mind first, but there are so many others.

Seger always had the ability to draw you into the song even it wasn’t one of those regular guy anthems, ‘Turn the Page’ and Hollywood Nights.’

How many of US have been there?  Nada.

Yet when he’s up there “playing Star again,” we all went along for the ride. He puts you, right there in the scene.

Speaking of scene, I remember a story about Seger’s song, “The Famous Final Scene.”

In the rematch between Muhammed Ali and Leon Spinks there was a “Bob” angle.  Actually two Bobs. Dylan and Seger.

After the fight was over the network was going to roll one of 2 songs depending on the outcome. Had Spinks beats Ali, they were going to play Seger’s “The Famous Final Scene” as a final salute to the great champ.

However, Ali beat Spinks and they went with the totally appropriate Bob Dylan’s, “Forever Young.” I can guarantee you Seger didn’t mind one bit.

I can’t wait for Saturday at DTE. WOMC will be out in force.  Rock and Roll Never Forgets especially when it’s…Seger Time!

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