Orange Peels And Pulp Waste Better Than Fertilizer

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

Look what the leftovers of oranges can do. Here is the before.

And the after.

This is after dumping orange pulp and peal waste in a national park in Costa Rica. Years went by and then the site was visited and the unexpected results were shocking, “It was so completely overgrown with trees and vines that I couldn’t even see the 7-foot-long sign with bright yellow lettering marking the site that was only a few feet from the road.”

So I’m thinking I should throw out citrus waste on my lawn, researcher Jonathan Choi says it’s better than fertilizer, “The site was more impressive in person than I could’ve imagined. While I would walk over exposed rock and dead grass in the nearby fields, I’d have to climb through undergrowth and cut paths through walls of vines in the orange peel site itself.” Details here.

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