‘Yardbirds ’68’ Album Featuring Jimmy Page To Be Released

By Steve Kostan

(WOMC) As most of you know, The Yardbirds were the seed of Led Zeppelin and many other bands. Yardbirds fans can look forward to the current lineup of the Yardbirds new album which isn’t done or out yet.

They are working with legendary producer Jack Douglas who produced all the great Aerosmith albums from their first go around in the 70s.  Albums like “Get Your Wings,” “Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks.”

Douglas has a knack for capturing the power and heat of guitar rock.

However, there is also an “new” album due out in November called “Yardbirds ’68.” Towards the end of the Yardbirds, Jimmy Page joined the band.

This album will feature two parts, one is “Live at the Anderson Theater” and the other is called “Studio Sketches.”

Page plays guitar on both and of course he’s the master producer of the Led Zeppelin stuff.

In case you don’t remember, the Yardbirds had Eric Clapton, followed by Jeff Beck, and then Jimmy Page on guitar. For a brief moment both Page and Beck were in the band.

Page was offered the gig after Clapton left but didn’t want to go on the road.  He was also doing quite well as a studio musician playing on dozens of other people’s songs many of which were big hits so he recommended Jeff Beck.

Bottom line, if guitar riff based heavy blues rock is your thing, like me, this winter will gain a lot more audio heat.  Looking forward to both.

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