Cop Builds Retirement Home For Police Dogs [VIDEO]

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

A former police man who has spent much of his life with police dogs is showing his love and appreciation for the canines by building a retirement home for them. Bai Yan became very concerned about police dogs once he witnessed their treatment after doing service, “I saw he was chained up and lying on the ground outside the front door next to a bowl of soured leftovers. His hair was all dirty and messy. I knew I had to act.”

Knowing the dogs have sacrificed for others Yan wanted to give back, “I want to be there to make them happy in the last years of their lives. They have fought with me side by side for many years. They are just like my family, and I will take care of my family.”

The retirement home costing over $150,000 has plenty of space including walking and running paths, also an obstacle course relating to their training, “They are my comrades in arms and now they are getting old, I want them to be able to spend their remaining years with dignity.” Oddity Central

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