Meet the 2017 Ford GT

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Jim Owens, Marketing Manager of Ford Performance, brought a special guest to the kick-off Woodward Dream Cruise lunch.

“This is the 2017 Ford GT. The iconic GT40 started in the 60s with the Ford Motor Company and Carol (Shelby) and his merry band of hot rodders winning 66, 67, 68, 69 …Ford Motor Company pulled out… 50 years later in 2016, we came to race again and we won. This is the car; this is the street version of that race car. And you can see the beautiful design and one of the things you notice right off the bat is that beautiful shape. That shape is functional – and that is for airflow to go through, to cool it and also to keep it down on the ground at 200 mph. Now – you’d wanna do that on the race track, not on the street! But you can see that beautiful design. And then the light weight materials, the use of carbon fiber in this car reduces the weight, increases the structural rigidity,  and even inside this car – what you can’t even see – is an FIA approved roll cage. So this would be able to go on an FIA track right out of the factory. We’re so proud of a 647 horsepower vehicle out of an EcoBoost V6.”







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