Smell Like Your Favorite Wine

What makes a successful executive make a total career switch? According to Kelly Jones, a former Detroiter and founder of Kelly + Jones, it’s a beautiful scent.

“I used to work in the auto industry; I’m a super gear head, my dad had a 1932 Model A Ford, so I grew up going to car shows and smelling those old spark plugs! And I was in a meeting in Tokyo – I worked for Toyota – and I was in a board room in Tokyo and I saw these cherry blossoms out the window and I swear I could smell them! So I started sketching on the back of a Camry product plan this scent bar… it was this career epiphany and I had to follow my nose and follow the world of perfumery.”

Kelly’s newest scents, inspired by a lecture at a wine tasting, are hints of wine. She sent us some samples and I wore Notes of Rose for a day. It was light and refreshing and I think it subtly changed the flavor of the sauvignon blanc I drank in the evening. In a good way. And Kelly says that’s what she’s going for.
“The fragrances don’t smell like you spilled merlot down the front of your shirt because I’ve done that and it’s not a good smell! They actually enhance the nuance of the wine in the glass and give your wine sipping experience more multi-sensoriality …I really wanted to create a new approach to learning about the world of wine and making it more accessible and fun!”
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