Where Did Pink Floyd’s Name Come From? Roger Waters Returns To The Palace

One of rock’s long-time legends, Roger Waters, return to the Palace Tonight.

Roger was one one of the founding members of the mighty Pink Floyd, the English groundbreaking psychedelic rock band.  Pink Floyd was actually named by guitarist Syd Barrett when one night they found another band using the same name they were. The Tea Set.

It was a “wow what are we going to do?” situation. Syd had a blues collection of albums and he combined the names of “Pink Anderson” and “Floyd Council” to come up with “Pink Floyd” right there on the spot. Talk about a true Spinal Tap moment!  What’s next? The Rolling Dead, Grateful Airplane?

Pink Floyd explored as much of the new recording technology as possible. The Beatles had shown the way with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and many were keen to try that new way of making records, so much larger and more complex  than they were before. Don’t just try to take an audio photograph, create much more by…Painting With Sound.

Roger was the key impetus behind the album, “The Wall.” I remember we got an advance copy on reel to reel tape in the fall of 79 and proceeded to preview them on then rock station W 4.

It was probably on Lynne Woodson’s show right before I came on and continued to play it.  The record label was furious, YOU, the listener, delirious. WOMC will be at The Palace Tonight. Stop by and say hi.

-Steve Kostan

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