A Radio Channel For Dogs [POLL]

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

There is a television channel for canines called Dog TV. I use it when they offer free access on my DirecTV. Now there is a dog channel for radio called Hallo Hasso, creator Stephan Stock describes its purpose, “It’s not about keeping dogs quiet. It’s more about the dog feeling he’s not alone.”

The channel features music with no drums in an effort to relax a dog. Personally I think a dog radio channel should feature animal sounds along with other sounds of nature much like Dog TV. Dogs love being outdoors. Imagine yourself being a dog cooped up in a house hearing the sounds of water, birds, insects, dogs and other animals. We have HD sub-channels on 104.3 that are also accessed at radio.com with the digital stream. Would you like a radio sub-channel programmed for dogs? I think it would get a ton of play while people are at work. Give us your reaction in the Beau Poll below.

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