Someone DOES Want To Be Mayor of South Lyon

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Nobody wanted to be the Mayor of South Lyon, Michigan. Incumbent mayor, John Galeas, didn’t want the job anymore – and as the deadline to file has come and gone – there were no takers. Which brings us to South Lyon High School graduate John Heffron. You’ve seen John on Last Comic Standing, the Tonight Show, and locally at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. His upbringing in South Lyon makes him the perfect choice for any write-in ballot campaign. And yes, if asked – he will serve!

John Heffron (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


What would a John Heffron For Mayor Platform look like?
“There’s a road called Pontiac Trail that cuts through South Lyon – and people cut through it to get to 96. So I would put up border guards and I would make you prove you live in the area so you’re not just using the city to cut through. We’re not a cut through city.”
Heffron also says he would build a 25,000 seat arena for the Panthers and have the city of Brighton pay for it. “The Pumpkin Fest Parade is very popular; what I would do is televise it. Russia’s done that Miss Universe thing, so maybe Russia would air it… I’m going to make South Lyon what it was in the 70s and 80s – because that’s my point of reference… I’m gonna open up an arcade. In the movie theater, I’m going to make sure that every weekend we show Breakin’ or Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Maybe Top Gun. Maybe Weird Science.”
If not elected (or even if he is), John Heffron can be seen on Netflix, August 15th, in the Brad Paisley Comedy Rodeo.




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