How People Drive Their Partner Crazy [Poll]

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

Is your partner driving you crazy? Interesting reasons for that posted by Psychology Today. Other sites recommend “taking a break from your partner,” and “don’t let them be a slacker.”

Here’s what Psychology Today mentions as “standing out the most.”

Men’s complaints about women:
-The silent treatment
-Bringing up things he’s done in the distant past
-Being too hot or too cold
-Being critical
-Being stubborn and refusing to give in

Women’s complaints about men:
-Forgetting important dates, like birthdays or anniversaries
-Not working hard at his job
-Noisily burping or passing gas
-Staring at other women
-Being stubborn and refusing to give in

I’m curious if you ladies are bothered by your old man staring at other women. Let us know the Beau Poll below.

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