By Stacey DuFord

Cedar Point truly is America’s Roller Coast, as it boasts a whopping seventeen roller coasters; making it a must-visit for thrill enthusiasts around the world. Park officials have confirmed that a new coaster will be open at the start of the 2018 season, but have remained quiet on all other details regarding the mystery coaster.

What is known is that the new coaster is the replacement for the Mean Streak, which gave its last ride in 2016. The new coaster will essentially be the same course the Mean Streak occupied, with a few changes, including at least three inversions. The Mean Streak did not flip riders upside down at all. It is also noticeable that the new coaster’s drop will be taller than the Streak’s 161 ft. drop.  The track will be steel, making for a much smoother ride than the Mean Streak’s wooden track provided.

The new coaster will be taller, faster, and crazier than the Mean Streak ever was. When asked if this coaster would be a record-breaker, Cedar Point VP Jason McClure says “This is Cedar Point, so we don’t do a lot of coaster stuff without saying taller, faster somewhere along the lines. So, you can imagine that’s gonna be part of the project here.”

McClure also said that complete details of the new coaster would be announced before the end of the 2017 park season. “We’ve got the name just about finalized,” he stated. It is worth noting that the park recently trademarked the name “Railblazer,” which could possibly be the new coaster’s name. One thing McClure could tell us is that the coaster will “be worth the wait.”

cp1 Behind The Scenes: Big Changes To A Cedar Point Classic cp2 Behind The Scenes: Big Changes To A Cedar Point Classic cp5 Behind The Scenes: Big Changes To A Cedar Point Classic cp6 Behind The Scenes: Big Changes To A Cedar Point Classic



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