Behind The Scenes: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee With Jerry Seinfeld

Author: Bobby Mitchell

How does Jerry Seinfeld choose the car model for his guests on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?  Comedian and recent guest Kathleen Madigan said she isn’t really into cars. “He kept asking ‘what kinda car do you want’ – I said, ‘Jerry, I don’t even know what kind of car I have.’ I don’t care! My show would be Comedians On Clydesdales Getting Beers. I would rather you come with a pony. Is there any way you could bring a pony over here?”

Madigan admits Seinfeld’s show recaptures those intimate moments all comedians share early in their career. “Like for the first ten years… you’re doing these clubs, and there’s three comics and you’re there for a week, you’re hanging out. We had no money; maybe the movies were free sometimes, but like just going out and doing nothing, talking about work – he was trying to recreate that and he kinda has. Even though, he’s so famous, we go into a coffee place and I think ‘oh no, here we go: chaos.’ I mean, it’s Seinfeld walking through the coffee store! This is going to turn into insanity, but everybody was very normal.”

How about Seinfeld himself? Such adulation and career success – is he still normal?

“Yeah, he’s very normal. He’s got three kids, a wife, he’s highly involved with the kids. You know, he’s a good behaved guy, too. It’s not like he’s …ah, should I just say, my friend Ron, he’s no Ron White! I love Ron – he’s very funny, he’s probably not a role model.”

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