New World Record For Biggest Burger

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Call Steve Mallie the “Burger King of Detroit.” Mallie, the owner of Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, MI is once again the Guinness World Record holder of the “World’s Largest Commercially Available Burger.” Clocking in at an enormous 1,793 pounds, this burger puts Mallie’s back in the record books after being dethroned for the past four years.

Mallie’s first held the title back in 2008 with a 138-pound burger, and though the record has been bouncing around the globe it is back “where it belongs,” says Mallie.

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This was no simple task, as cooking 2,000 pounds of raw meat is quite a challenge. Mallie explains the 24-hour cooking process started by molding the meat into a patty shape on a custom-made burger ring placed on a forklift. From there, the giant patty was placed inside a converted shipping container that now serves as a massive grill.

The finished patty was topped with 200 pounds of cheese, and 100 pounds each of onion, tomato, and pickle. Finally, a 250-pound bun, custom made by Michigan Bread Company, surrounded the patty and fixings.

The burger is also helping out those in need with the leftovers going to homeless shelters.

If you want your very own 1,800-pound burger, just take a glance at Mallie’s menu. The burger is available for $7,799 and can be made for any event. They just need three days notice.

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