John Waite Strips Down

Author: Bobby Mitchell

John Waite was the front man for the rock group The Babys, whose break out smash Isn’t It Time will be unplugged on John’s new solo album Acoustic Anthology.  John says stripping it down wasn’t an obvious idea.

“No, it’s a strange thing; I never thought it’d be possible to do it. I thought about it for like ten minutes like ‘it’s not possible,’ right. And then I had a crack at it and it was beautiful. So with all the production that it is with the Babys – that sort of big orchestra, the brass section and the band playing – it’s still a good song when it’s stripped down to nothing. So I mean that’s the proof of a great song.”
Catch John Waite and Rick Springfield at the Stars & Stripes Festival at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI Friday, June 30th.


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