Pre-Teen Cellphone Ban [POLL]

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

Parents Against Underage Smartphones is working on a cellphone ban ballot vote in Colorado. Recent report shows they need around 300,000 signatures to get the ban on a 2018 ballot. Language speaks of retailers receiving a warning then a fine of $500 to $20,000 for an under 13 year old with a cellphone.

The ban is being pushed by Dr. Tim Farnum, “Eventually kids are going to get phones and join the world, and I think we all know that, but little children, there’s just no good that comes from that.” The want for a ban goes back several years, here’s an old Huffington Post report giving 10 reasons for the ban.

What do you think? Should pre-teens be banned from using cellphones? Take the Beau Poll below.

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