By: Steve Kostan

It was cool that WOMC gave away copies of the re-mixed Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” to celebrate it’s 50th. We all know how game changing it was but I found great reinforcement of that view by pure accident over the weekend. I stumbled across “Sgt Pepper’s Revolution” on PBS. It wasn’t a TMZ behind the scenes look, it was way more musical. “How did they achieve that effect on this track? Really what the heck WAS this other effect on that other song? Those were actually 2 different pieces of music but they made them click as one? That ain’t the standard Rock& Roll progression we’re used to…man, What’s up that?” Host Howard Goodhall sits down at keyboard to demonstrate a certain part, then shows how they layered in Paul’s bass, which actually plays wrong notes on purpose and why it works. “ Without those rogue notes, it would sound like this” for “Lucy in the Sky”. “ That’s actually from an old Anglo-Gaelic scale Paul heard often growing up in Liverpool. Modal” That musician and producer stuff, fascinating. Even if that’s a little deeper than you might usually care about, it’s The Beatles’ SGT. PEPPER’S for crying out loud. Anyways, I found it rich in great info and coolness.


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