McCartney: Where’s The Rum?

Author: Jim Johnson

Paul McCartney has posted a photo of himself dressed as a pirate for the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on Facebook and Twitter

Playing “Jail Guard 2,” Macca is seen sporting a beard and dreadlocks.

The fifth installment of the Disney franchise once again stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp couldn’t get Keith Richards to reprise his role as Sparrow’s father, which he did in the third and fourth installments, so he called on McCartney, who has used the actor in a few of his videos. Shooting on the film was complete when McCartney approached, and after he agreed, an extra character and scene were created.

The film opens in theaters on May 26th.


In other McCartney film news, never-before-scene footage of the Fab Four filming its second movie, Help!, is for sale.

It was shot by the late actor Leo McKern, and it shows the band during downtime on the set in the Austrian Alps. They can be seen pretending to play instruments in a brass band, messing around with their stunt doubles, and John Lennon and George Harrison engaging in a Curling match. It is being sold by Neil Pearson Rare Books in London for $45,000.


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