The Amazing Race is back (Season 29 premiers March 30 at 10 pm on CBS 62) with 22 complete strangers teaming up at the starting line to begin a race around the world. They’ll span 9 countries, 17 cities and 36,000 miles.

How do they get away with recording activity in countries like China (where they’ve been 13 times) that are supposedly guarded about life there? Host Phil Keoghan says, “What I do say to people is when you see news about the rest of the world it’s generally about what’s wrong. So there’s certainly places in China where you cannot go and film, just like there are places in America that you can’t film, so if the Chinese audience saw stories about what you’re not allowed to film in America I guess the perception would be ‘All right, you can’t go to America and film.’ I think our show is actually more relevant now than it has ever been before because generally speaking, when people see the world it’s in the news – and it’s when something is going wrong. So day after day after day after day, audiences get to hear ‘Oh, this is going wrong here, that’s going wrong there, there’s a war in this country, there’s a natural disaster in that country, it’s just day after day of what’s wrong. And so, I think what we get to do is offer up a different perspective for people of the world and say, ‘Hey, here are some things that are going right in the world, and these are places that actually let us go and film them, and these are people that do want us to come there and America is a safe place, but it’s not the safest country in the world — here are some safe places you can travel to; so I guess we’re giving – I don’t want to say alternate facts, but we’re certainly giving an alternate view of the world to counter what is out there every day which is generally you know ‘what’s wrong, OK, let’s make some news out of that.’”






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