Roll Over Elvis And Tell Jerry Lee The News…Chuck Berry Dead At 90

Author: Jim Johnson

I was just wondering what the world (not just the music world) but the world itself, would look like now if there had never been a Chuck Berry. He pioneered the marriage of Rhythm and Blues and Rock & Roll.

St. Charles County Missouri officials were called to his home today where the found the rock legend unresponsive and pronounced Mr. Berry dead at the scene. He was 90 years old.

He was born Charles Edward Anderson Berry October 18th, 1926 and rocked the world in the mid to late ’50’s with songs like: “Roll Over Beethoven” “Johnny B. Goode” & “Maybellene”. He inspired other rock pioneers like the Stones & the Beatles. In fact, it was the Stone’s Keith Richards who inducted Chuck Berry into the Rock & Roll hall of Fame in 1986.


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