Phil Collins Prepares For Tour With Electroshock Therapy

Author: Stacey DuFord

The Daily Mail reports that Phil Collins is preparing for his Not Dead Yet tour dates by undergoing controversial electroshock therapy and working out for two hours a day.

Collins said, “I had back surgery, and that went well, but it left my right foot numb which is nerve damage. And that has got to regenerate, because the nerves between the foot and your back — that is a long distance. I am not that tall, but it is a long enough distance for about a millimeter a week (to have to regenerate), so I have just got to get back and get at it. I am doing water therapy now and will be back doing physiotherapy again, and will nudge it along a bit with electroshock things.” The treatment sends waves of electrical current through the body.

So far the tour does not includes any U.S. stops.


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