By: Steve Kostan

These are great days for Rolling Stones fans. They have started pre-orders for their new Blues album, “Blue and Lonesome” out officially Dec. 2. That early Brian Jones blues period set the Stones apart and made young American audiences aware of the unheard AMERICAN thang called the Blues. They also released a huge 186 song Box set of their 60’s stuff in MONO. Mono was the way most of us heard their early stuff and Beatle George Harrison once commented that with Stereo you would hear the Guitar in the kitchen and the Drums in the dinning room. 60’s Stereo was a bit of a joke to musicians. The Beatles would stick around while the Mono mix was being done to offer feedback. When it was time for the Stereo mix, they would leave and let the engineers handle it. A Lot like QUAD was in the early 70’s.

For those of you born say after 1968, a little perspective on the Stones. Not only were the Stones, Beatles, and others making great records, they were engines of change that spilled over and beyond just entertainment. They spearheaded a change in the whole social fabric of Western Culture. Things like the anti-war movement, big outdoor festivals, 18 year olds voting to even being sent home from school for having long hair or wearing jeans, yes, wearing jeans, were all on the table. In class conscious England, people frpm various classes or “stations” mingled freely. Rock&Roll was an agent for that change. When viewed in that context, it really went far beyond just cool music. Could the Stones sing as well as the Beatles? Nope. Did they sing better than another agent of change Bob Dylan? Yep. Did the singing or lack of it, detract from the message? Not back then.

So here’s a great chance to look back, rock out, and let your hair down a little. Or whatever is left of it! Enjoy.


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