Freddie Mercury Spending His 70th Birthday Rocketing Through Space

Author: Jim Johnson

In the Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Freddie Mercury sings, “I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky / Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity…”

Freddie is now an actual shooting star. On Sunday, his bandmate, astrophysicist Brian May, announced the honor via video at Freddie’s 70th birthday party in Montreux, Switzerland.

Brian May announcing that an asteroid has been named after Freddie Mercury:

The asteroid is a two-mile wide chunk of black rubble on the other side of Mars, than 300 million miles away from Earth.

Joel Parker, astronomer and director at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, tells The Guardian, “It’s not quite traveling at the speed of light, but from an Earth perspective, this certainly has made a supersonic man out of him.”

Other celebrities who have asteroids named after them include the late author Kurt Vonnegut and Bruce Springsteen.

Today (Monday) would have been Freddie’s 70th birthday.

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