Should Van Halen Take Back Sammy Hagar? [POLL]

Author: Beau Daniels

By: Beau Daniels

You’ve probably heard the recent talk of Sammy Hagar reaching out to Van Halen wanting to re-unite. Warm jesters have been exchanged in front of the public in social media. Now the question is should Van Halen bring Sammy Hagar back into the band? The staff at UCR has posted some interesting thoughts on if they think it will happen.

Annie Zaleski thinks it will happen, pointing out the sincere apology from Hagar and the amazing album he was on, 5150, is approaching its 30th anniversary. Most of the writers say yes. The question of Michael Anthony is also mention since he left to be with Hagar’s band, and his alleged mistreatment while in Van Halen has been publicized.

So lets do a Beau Poll on this. Do you think Van Halen should allow Sammy Hagar to return to the band? Vote below.

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