By Amanda Wicks

Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s newest segment “Howz It Mizzade” has Snoop Dogg guessing what something is after watching behind the scenes factory footage of its production. Last week, he underwent a radical diet change after learning how hot dogs were made, and this week has him equally confused (though hopefully less grossed out).

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In the latest segment, the video starts out with a manufacturer laying out a scoop of white powder. Snoop’s reaction? “Wait a minute, is that cocaine? What? Y’all gonna make some rocks?” he asks.

From there things quickly shift as a factory worker pours a rubbery substance into a strange looking round mold. Snoop’s guesses run the gamut: cement sculptured light poles, fire hydrants, piggy banks, ice cream, light bulb and toilet. At one point he even offers up yarn. “I can’t figure this s— out for nothing in the world, dog,” he says. “I’m trying my best, too.”

It takes until the very end and the magic reveal—bowling ball—for Snoop to figure it out. “Y’all got me with that s—. That was tight,” he admits. It’s yet another hilarious moment from the rapper who is learning the intricacies of hot dogs and bowling balls, one video at a time.

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