Ten Animals That Are Just As Scary As Sharks

Sharks are scary, but there are plenty of animals on land that are just as frightening. These are the ones to watch out for:

  • Cheetahs are the fastest land predator and will sometimes trip it’s prey from behind. That’s playing dirty!
  • Tigers use the noise and darkness of storms to conceal their approach on prey.
  • A Darwin’s bark spider is no bigger than a thumbnail but can produce up to 82 feet of silk that is the toughest natural fiber on the planet. It’s stronger than steel.
  • The Portia spider can leap up to 50 times its own body length and eat other spiders three times their size.
  • Harpy eagles have talons as long as bears’ claws and feed on monkeys and sloths.
  • Honey badgers will eat anything, including scorpions. “Honey badger don’t care!”
  • An Ethiopian wolf will blow into the underground tunnels where rodents are hiding to flush them out and eat them.
  • Spinner dolphins stun their prey with powerful blasts of sonar, then eat them alive.
  • Bottlenose dolphins drive schools of fish onto the banks and then temporarily beach themselves to catch and eat them.
  • The Abdopus octopus is the only octopus adapted to walk on land. It pulls itself along using the hundreds of tiny suckers on its arms.
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