Sting & Peter Gabriel at The Palace: What to Expect Tonight

Author: Jim Johnson

Sting and Peter Gabriel‘s “Rock Paper Scissors” tour rolls on hitting Auburn Hills, Michigan tonight (June 30th).  WOMC will present a pre-concert jam featuring both artists beginning at 6 pm. I (Jim Johnson) will be welcoming concert goers from our kiosk in the concourse from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Susan Cruise will host a party before the show at Ciccarelli’s across from the Palace.

As was the case with his recent joint trek with Paul Simon, the new show sees both artists mixing and matching, duetting on some songs, playing solo with their bands, as well as with each other. It’s apparent the night proves to be a satisfying gig for all involved — especially the headliners.

Sting explained that beyond the layout of the show being a fantastic showbiz exercise, the creative aspects of it keep both performers excited and operating at the top of their game: “The interesting thing for me — more than defining what the differences or what the similarities are — are what happens to our songs when they’re juxtaposed with each other’s songs. They’re recontextualizing what you do, because it will obviously change. What I do will change what he does, and vice versa. And then the songs that we trade, the songs that we sing together will have an unexpected result. So, we don’t really know what it is.”

CHECK IT OUT: Peter Gabriel & Sting on June 24th, 2016 performing “Solsbury Hill” live in Washington D.C.:

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