Seven Things Your Pet Wants You To Know

Author: Stacey DuFord
  1. Your dog doesn’t like being hugged. When you hug a dog it feels restrained and that makes it feel stressed out.
  2. Your cat doesn’t like getting its belly rubbed. When a cat shows you its stomach it means it trusts you. When you touch that stomach you are betraying that trust.
  3. That dead mouse/bird isn’t a gift. Your cat is trying to teach you how to hunt and thinks you are a slow learner.
  4. Your dog is not always happy when he’s wagging his tail. Different tail wags have different meanings; if it’s up in the air while being wagged it means “Don’t mess with me” and if it’s lower it means he’s frightened.
  5. Your cat is not always happy when it’s purring. When your cat is purring it means it wants you to stick around.
  6. Your dog is yawning because it’s stressed, not tired.
  7. When your cat looks tired or bored it really means it is completely relaxed and trusts you completely.


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